Is it possible that you’re doing things that irritate your bull terrier without even understanding it? Since dogs are loyal and easy-going, they tolerate human behavior.

However, there are certain things that your bull terrier secretly despises that you or others do. When he doesn’t get his way, he will become visibly agitated or even depressed.

In this article, you will learn 10 things bull terriers hate about people. So make sure you read till the end. 


Bull Terrier 101: Everything you need to know


There are ups and downs in life. It’s unfair to expect to be satisfied all the time. Your dog on the other hand can sense your emotions due to your near connection.

If you are experiencing depression, stress, or grief, your bull terrier will undoubtedly be affected.

Some dogs can become depressed or even sick as a result of your feelings. Others will become bored or irritated and act out as a result of a lack of focus exercise or relaxation.

Make an effort to stick to a schedule and spend time with your dog.

Bull Terrier can be a great source of emotional support.

There’s an explanation why dogs are so good in animal-assisted therapy. Take a walk with your dog and you may find that you feel better.

Next on the list at number nine, we have uncomfortable situations.

Uncomfortable Situation

10 Things Bull Terrier Hate About People

We’ve all had it happen. Your dog slams on the brakes and refuses to go somewhere or do something.

Perhaps it’s the tub, it’s frequently the veterinarian. It’s sometimes the car or even a specific street. It could even be a specific person or an animal that your Bull terrier is trying to avoid.

The majority of the time, however, your dog’s refusal is due to a fear or phobia.

When you put your dog in a frightening situation you are putting him under stress. It’s actually a flooding technique that doesn’t always work.

A better approach is to gradually introduce your bull terrier to the situation.

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Next on the list at number eight, we have left alone

Left Alone

Dogs are social animals who despise being left alone.

Some dogs find comfort in the company of other dogs while others prefer human companionship. Some dogs in extreme cases, fear being left alone and suffer from separation anxiety.

The issue is that most dog owners must work to pay for all of that gourmet dog food. You must also live life, run errands,  take vacations, and so on.

Of course, your bull terrier is oblivious to all of this. So what’s the answer?

When you’re at home spend as much time as possible with your dog. Spend quality time with your dog.

Create a daily routine that includes plenty of physical activity and mental stimulation. If you travel frequently, find a dependable pet sitter who is familiar with your dog.

Next on the list at number seven, we have strong perfumes

Strong Perfumes

bull terrier hate

Your dog’s sense of smell is ten thousand to a hundred thousand more sensitive than yours.

In case you didn’t know Bull terrier, in general, enjoy inhaling a variety of scents and odors.

Strong fragrances and chemicals on the other hand can irritate dog’s noses. It’s best to avoid spraying anything directly on your dog.

If your dog requires medical treatment, keep the medication away from his face, or better yet spray it on a cloth and apply it to him.

When using personal products such as perfume, hairspray, cleaners, and so on, keep them away from your dog. And make sure they are not toxic.

Next on the list at number six, we have to dress them up.

Dressing Them

Simple clothing pieces such as hats are good for certain dogs. But they despise wearing items on their heads or feet.

Is it really that important to dress up your dog?

Then, start with tiny lightweight objects and associate them with treats or other incentives.

If your Bull terrier needs just shelter from the cold gradually add sweaters, coats, and other items to your wardrobe.

Keep an eye on your dog’s body language to see when he’s had enough.

Next on the list at number five, we have yelling


No one enjoys being screamed at or severely disciplined such as being spanked.

Dogs may not be able to comprehend what you’re saying but they can feel our feelings when we do.

If you have a sensitive dog, you can discover that shouting and harsh discipline will upset or scares them. These approaches will not improve the relationship because fear does not equal respect.

Even if your bull terrier is aloof or too cheerful, shouting and harsh treatment will probably not work in the long run. Read long term impact of yelling on dog

Next on the list at number four, we have a lack of routine and rules

Routines and Rules

Training is an important part of providing structure in your dog’s life. A routine is important because your Bull terrier has an internal clock.

  • Try to feed your dog at the same time each day.
  • Establish an exercise routine too.

After a few days of structured rules and routines, you will probably notice that your bull terrier gets happier.

Routines and rules make your dog’s world more predictable and can actually boost his confidence.

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Not Letting Them Sniff

Walks are enjoyable for dogs for reasons other than exercise. Taking your dog for a walk outside allows him to explore the world.

Your Bull terrier investigates the world first with his nose then with his other senses. It’s cruel to rush your dog into a walk without allowing him to pause and sniff.

If you think about it, it is sort of like someone dragging you through your favorite store by your arm. And does not allow you to look around.

Wouldn’t it be aggravating if it happened all the time?

So yeah the next time you take your bull terrier for a stroll give him plenty of time to investigate his surroundings.

Next on the list at number two, we have personal space

Personal Space

When people get in their faces, bull terriers hate it, just as much as they dislike kissing. Consider how you would feel if that happened.

Avoid shoving your hands in a dog’s ears, looming over them, or charging at them.

This is particularly important if the dog is unfamiliar with you.

If you do poke or prod your dog for its own good, do so gently and slowly rewarding your dog with treats and or praise.

Back off if a bull terrier makes unpleasant noises, shows signs of anxiety, or is violent.

It’s always best to be cautious and avoid being bitten by a dog.

Finally, on the list at number one we have hugs.


It’s adorable to see images of people embracing puppies but the truth isn’t quite so fun.

Maybe dogs dislike being hugged particularly by strangers. Arms around a dog’s neck or body may be interpreted as a danger by the dog.

While most bull terriers accept gentle embraces from trusted people, this does not imply that they enjoy them.

Allowing the dog to cuddle on his own terms and patting him on the back and chest is a pretty safe option.

So what do you think about these 10 things dogs hate about people. Let us know in the comments and share your experience with other interested bull terrier owners.