Rat Terrier are loyal friendly and easy-going.

People think that they understand their dogs. They think they know when their rat terriers are happy or upset.

There are some things that our four-legged friends secretly hate about us but still tolerate.

Have you ever thought about what may annoy your dog?

Of course, you can probably think. Some obvious things like taking a bath or visiting vets. However, there are so many things that rat terriers hate and people don’t even know about it.

Make sure you read till the end of the article to know if you do something which can make your dog upset or even depressed.

Dressing Up

Some people find it cute or even fun dressing up their dogs. Of course, when it’s cold, it is fine to make sure your dog won’t get sick by dressing up in warm clothes.

What one dog hates another one may enjoy. However, unless you get your rat terrier used to wearing clothing on an everyday basis or as a puppy, there’s a good chance your dog hates being dressed up.

But what if dressing up is really an important thing to protect your dog from the cold.

The best advice is to

  • start with small items
  • associate them with treats
  • positive reinforcement.

Some dogs are fine with sweaters and jackets. But most of them hate wearing things on their heads or feet.

Anyways keep watching your dog’s body language to make sure your rat terrier is fine about dressing up.


This is how humans show their love. They hug and kiss each other. However, this is not for dogs at all.

We think that wrapping the arms around a furry friend is cute and they like it. However, most dogs hate hugs. This action is considered an act of dominance.

So every time you hug your rat terrier you show that you are dominant.

Of course living thousands and thousands of years with people dogs got used to hugs with grace.

But some dogs can feel threatened, fearful, or angry.

Keep in mind some dogs can be absolutely fine with one person’s hug. But might react entirely differently with another family member who tries the same thing.

If you want to show some love to your rat terrier, let the dog cuddle on terms that are acceptable among canines. You can pet your furry friend along with the back or on the chest.

But as it was already said before you need to understand your dog very well to know the limits.

The best way to know if your dog likes it or not is to pay attention to their body language. If your pet looks worried leans away or averts its eyes, it means you are doing something wrong.

Being Rushed at Potty Time

rat terrier hate people

Sometimes we have no time for long walks. We are always tired after work or simply have no time for a decent walk.

How many times have you rushed your dog while walking?

We may not really think about it but dogs need some time to explore their surroundings. It is because they see the world with their noses.

We don’t realize it but for dog walks, they are much more than just a required potty break. They need walks to explore the world and often we deprive them of that experience by treating walks as rushed.

If you love your rat terrier and want to keep life interesting for your pet dedicate one of your daily walks to having a “smell walk”. These walks have to be long. So go slow and let your dog take in the world with his or her nose.

  • Find an entirely new route
  • let your dog sniff at a spot
  • wait until your friend wants to move forward.
  • Even if it’s four minutes at a time.
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Lack of Routine and Rules

So many people hate strict rules and we probably think dogs don’t like it either.

However, dogs really want to follow the rules. And they have an internal clock to make life easier for your dog.

  • You need to establish some rules and boundaries.
  • But it’s important to be consistent.

Dogs don’t understand exceptions to rules.

Important note: Dogs don’t understand that they can sleep on the couch after a bath but not after coming in from a romp in the mud.

You need to remember that you are the leader of the pack and you are the one who establishes rules.

  • Moreover, it is important to feed your dog at the same time each day.

Structured rules and routines will make your rat terrier happier. Routines and rules make your dog’s world more predictable and can actually boost confidence.

Using Words More Than Body Language

Dogs don’t understand our language but they are able to deduce the meaning of a key few words like walk, treat, sleep or stop.

To figure out what we exactly mean dogs rely on our body language.

For those who didn’t know we are sending mixed signals when we’re only paying attention to our words but not body language.

For instance, telling a dog to stop while leaning forward towards the dog and holding out a hand meaning for the dog to come towards you.

To avoid such misunderstanding you can spend the whole day with your dog not saying a word but communicating only with your body.

Yelling and Harsh Punishment

Let’s be honest no one likes to be yelled at or punished. And it’s a huge mistake to think that dogs understand what they are being punished for.

Dogs may sense your emotions but not words.

If you really care about your rat terrier you may notice that yelling and harsh punishment actually upset or scares your pet.

Yelling never helps and your dog will continue doing the same things again and again. Harsh punishment doesn’t help either. Especially in the long run because your dog keeps on doing what he or she wants.

The best way to educate your dog is by training with positive reinforcement.

  • No need to yell at your dog.
  • Try redirecting your dog towards a preferred behavior.
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Strong Fragrances

Interesting fact: the dog’s sense of smell is about ten to one hundred thousand times more sensitive than humans.

In general, dogs enjoy taking in all types of scents. However strong fragrances and chemicals can be annoying to your dog.

Perfume, hair sprays, air fresheners, and cleaners can be really toxic to your rat terrier.

That’s why before spraying it make sure your dog is in another room so it won’t make them feel uncomfortable.

Being Bored or Depressed

Dogs are like kids and they hate being bored.

The main reason your dog is a troublemaker is that your little friend is showing you how bored he is.

Dogs are social creatures and you need to keep in mind that they hate being alone. So the best solution is to spend as much time as possible with your rat terrier when you are home.

You can even set a daily routine that provides plenty of exercises and mental stimulation. If you have no time at all, you can find a trusted pet sitter for your beloved dog.

When you’re depressed or stressed, it is also bound to affect your dog as they match people’s emotions becoming sad or even sick.

But the good thing is that your rat terrier can offer you wonderful emotional support. There’s a reason dogs are great in animal-assisted therapy.

Go for a walk with your dog and see your mood is already much better.

Keeping a Tight Leash

rat terrier hate

Literally, no one likes to be controlled especially dogs as they are amazing at reading our tension levels through the leash.

Keeping a tight leash sends a message to your dog that you’re tense nervous and on alert. This makes their levels of stress and frustration rise.

But when you’re keeping a slack leash you’re letting your dog know that there’s no reason to be worried. This is why it is so important to teach your rat terrier how to walk on a slack leash.

It can take some time but it’s worth your dog’s happiness. It is always better to teach this skill while your dog is a little pup.

However, it is a difficult skill to master so keep calm and walk your dog

Uncomfortable Situations

Many dogs are afraid of loud noises or huge vehicles.

How many times has your dog refused to go somewhere or do something?

There are so many situations your dog wants to avoid or even a certain person or animal. The reason is that your rat terrier might have a fear or phobia when you have no idea what scares your dog.

You force the dog into a scary situation. You’re keeping your pet in a state of stress.

The best way for making your dogs life less stressful is to keep them at a safe distance. Also, reward the dog for staying calm. Gradually increase the dog’s exposure to the trigger and reward for non-reaction.

If your rat terrier is afraid of vets you can take steps to make some changes through positive reinforcement.