The bull terrier pitbull mix is a hybrid breed from the cross-breeding of an American pit bull terrier and a bull terrier. They are sweet, loyal, and distinctive-looking.

The pit bull mix bull terrier is a relatively new mix breed that does not have its own name.

Like many new mixed breeds, there’s not much information about the bull terrier pitbull mix. But, by looking into the details of both parent breeds, we can gain a better understanding of this crossbreed.

Let’s find more about this amazing dog.

All About Bull Terrier Pitbull Mix


There is no clear evidence about when and where the bull terrier was mixed with pitbull.

However, there is a record of titan terriers. Titan terrier is a developing breed. This breed is being developed in Germany but has not been recognized by any authorities.

Titan terrier is a combination of bull terrier, American pit bull terrier, and Patterdale terrier. The breed is in the developing stage, therefore much information is not available about them

Now, let’s take look into the history of both parent breeds to learn more about this mixed breed.

Pitbull History

Their ancestors were bred for dogfighting.

You can blame 19th-century England for this one. They were originally bred to combine various dog breeds including the bulldog and a number of different terrier breeds to find a great balance of enthusiasm and stamina.

Eventually due to their unique blend of qualities Pitbulls were used in bear-baiting, a sport in which one or more dogs would fight a bear for the amusement of a crowd and other dangerous activities.

Once governments began to wise up and ban these kinds of horrific displays of animal cruelty, people began to arrange dog fights since they were quicker and easier to set up.

The swift and agile dogs that fighters preferred were the ancestors of what we call pit bulls today.

Bull Terrier History

The history of bull terriers began in 19th-century England when animal fights were a form of mass entertainment for people.

After that dogfights became popular. And new breeds were formed for this purpose by mixing bulldog with smaller rat catcher terrier breeds.

A Birmingham breeder James Hinks began to formulate the bull terriers and the basis was the cross-breeding of bulldogs with the since extinct white English terriers. The new breed that was formed this way was not very successful in arenas but became very popular among the urban society and the lovers of dog shows.

At first, the bull terriers were completely white but later on, new color varieties were formed by different hunting terrier cross-breeding.

Appearance and Size

bull terrier pitbull mixx

Both parent’s breeds of bull terrier pitbull mix are medium-sized dogs.

The bull terrier typically weighs 20 to 36 kilograms and is 40 to 55 centimeters high. On the other hand, a full-grown American Pit Bull Terrier stands 45 – 53 cm tall and weighs between 16 – 30 kg.

Similar to the parent breeds, bull terrier and pitbull mix is a medium-size dog.

Bull terrier and pitbull mix inherit all the distinctive qualities from their parent breed. They look more like a pitbull with a squarer head, shorter nose, stalkier legs, and generally wider and balkier physique. Whereas, the ears may end up looking like a bull terrier. They are perked up.

In terms of color, as with any other mix, you can never know what color the puppies will look like. You will find both Bull terriers and Pitbulls in a variety of colors.

The resulting mixed breed puppies could be white, red, brindle, blue, black, and any combinations of these colors.

Their coats are easy to maintain with regular brushing.

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The bull terrier has two nicknames one of which is the kid in a dog suit and the other is the clowns of the dog. This says a lot about the personality of bull terriers.

The dog is extremely human and child-friendly. Do not tolerate loneliness.

Their life is revolving around their owner and their family. They are also usually called busy dogs as they like to deal with something and if they are not given a task they find one for themselves.

Also, Pitbulls are not dangerous if they are well-socialized, and this intelligent and robust dog is loyal to its owner, is good-natured, child-friendly, and usually has a high irritation threshold.

You can expect all these characteristics from your pitbull cross bull terrier. They are human-friendly with lots of energy to play and are well known for their loyal nature.

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Regarding the bull terrier mix, it is important to know that both parents are extremely stubborn breeds with a strong will. Their training and teaching is not an easy task.

Like other dogs with terrier blood, they are full of energy and have a high prey drive. You can use this energy during training. This makes training a fun and exciting experience.

Bull terrier pitbull mix just like other dogs, want to be challenged mentally as well as physically. They love playing retrieving games or dog sports such as flyball, obedience, or agility.

Most importantly the bull terrier mix is an intelligent and sensitive breed and if they feel like a task they learn quickly. For this breed, early socialization is also necessary.

Although this breed is not aggressive towards humans due to their past they are not very friendly with other animals.

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Activity Level

bull terrier pitbull mixx

Being muscular high-powered breed bull terriers cross pitbull has a huge need for movement.

To keep them properly, the owner needs at least one to two hours of free time a day to properly conduct the energies that rage regularly in this hyperactive dog.

By the way, terriers love all forms of movement from ball throwing to interactive games but they are also excellent in agility. For example, they love to walk but letting go of the leash is quite problematic for this breed.

Their typical terrier-type hunting instincts can pose a potential threat to other pets and for most of them playing with other dogs is not feasible.

It may help a lot to calm down their activity level if there may be another agile dog in the same household mainly of different sex with whom they can run and wrestle for several hours.

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Bull terrier pitbull mix is aggressive?

Sadly, in the past, the parent breeds were often bred only for their aggressiveness, with owners misusing the dog to be some sort of ‘living weapon’.

Although studies have shown that the Pitbull does not have any breed-specific aggressiveness.

Ultimately, bad breeding and poor socialization and training can turn a dog of any breed into a potentially aggressive dog. Since the breeding standards for American Pitbull Terriers are still unclear, and dogs with a high potential for aggression tend to always be illegally bought and sold. One should be extremely careful when dealing with this breed.

No evidence has been found to prove that bull terrier pitbull is an aggressive breed. We should keep in mind that the dog will behave the way its owners want them to.

bull terrier pitbull mixx

Is a bull terrier pitbull mix a good choice for a first-time dog owner

Although the bull terrier pitbull mix is a truly very human and family-oriented dog breed as a first dog it is not necessarily recommended for an inexperienced and unprepared owner. It is because of their stubbornness.

Raising and properly socializing a bull terrier requires more attention and experience than an average. And in most cases, they require constant supervision as mentioned bull terriers are constantly looking for tasks for themselves and are also extremely curious.

To leave a young bull terrier pitbull mix alone in an apartment is quite much like leaving an active child alone in a room full of explosives.

It is not recommended for young children as bull terriers pitbull cross usually play rough which can cause injuries. But in a family where there are young teenage children and who have experiences with dogs, they can an ideal choice as they are tirelessly taking part in all adventures and in fun.

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