Does your bull terrier bark excessively? I’m going to share five tips that are going to stop and manage your dog to stop barking permanently.

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5 Tips to Stop Bull Terrier Barking

So, we’re talking about excessive barking. Those kinds of barking that drive you crazy and it’s for no reason. Your dog just barks and doesn’t listen to; you.

Well, there are many reasons why bull terrier dogs bark, and also there are many situations in which a dog will bark. But today we’re focusing on how to stop bull terrier barking.

So here are my five tips to stop your dog from barking excessively which are going to help you to stop your dog barking permanently.

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Prevention Is the Key

You know your dog better than anybody else. You know that your dog will bark for a certain reason, in certain situations, and in certain conditions. You know that it’s going to bark.

So you need to prevent your dog from getting into that environment or situation.

Pro Tip 1

Don’t put your dog in a situation that will lead to barking. Prevent the situation from happening

Stop Repetitive Behavior

Don’t let your dog practice that unwanted behavior over and over again. Limit your dog’s environment and the situation.

For example, you know the mailman comes at 9 o’clock and your dog goes crazy. To prevent your dog from getting to that zone. Remove your dog from the front door to somewhere else, so it doesn’t see or hear the mailman.

Also, if your bull terrier is watching outside of the window and waits for anybody to walk by and then starts barking; prevent your dog from getting to that environment, or by the window. Don’t let your dog watch outside.

Don’t come up with excuses that you can’t do anything about it. There’s always a solution.

You can hang a low curtain on the bottom of the window so your dog has no access to viewing outside. You can also put your dog in a different room.

You can leash your dog and do whatever you’re doing. If you’re in the kitchen, your dog could be in the kitchen. If you are in the office, your dog could end it in the office on a leash.

If your dog is barking at people who are coming as soon as the doorbell goes off and your dog starts barking then we go to the next tip.

Pro Tip 2

Don’t let your dog practice that behavior repeatedly.

Don’t Bark With Your Dog

This tip applies to all situations.

Don’t correct your dog when your dog is actually barking, when it’s actually misbehaving. This is very important to understand.

When your dog is barking, it is not the time to correct your dog. It’s not the time to train your dog. It’s not the time to teach your dog. You want to manage your dog at that moment.

If your dog is barking and you’re yelling at your dog to stop barking, you’re joining your dog. You’re barking as well.

The reason your dog is barking is that either is not clear of what is supposed to do in that situation. You have not communicated clearly to your dog what it’s supposed to do when certain situations happen which brings me to tip number four.

Pro Tip 3

Don’t correct your dog when it is barking. Because it is not focused on you.

Teach Your Dog

Teach your bull terrier a cue for when your dog is doing something wrong. It could be any word.

This word could be anything. It could be “stopped”. It could be “no”.

But you need to have taught this cue to your dog before hands. Your dog has to be familiar with this cue. 

Teach your dog or practice what you want your dog to do when is doing something wrong. And replace that unwanted behavior with the behavior that you want.

Give your dog a couple of options such as listen to what I’m saying or let’s play. So you’re giving options to a dog to do something other than barking which brings me to tip number five

Pro Tip 4

Teach your dog a cue for when your dog is doing something wrong. This cue could be “stop it”, “enough”, “no”, “cucumber”…

Bonus Tip

I have a bonus tip as well.

You need to understand the reason your bull terrier is barking. In a way your dog is interacting with that situation; with that whatever is happening, it interacts with.

For example, the dog sees a mailman coming, it starts barking. It means your dog is interacting with the mailman. Then all of a sudden the mailman is gone, so the interaction worked.

People are passing by the window, your dog bark (interacts) with them. Then they’re gone and interaction is complete. The doorbell goes off, people come in, and your dog bark at them.

There is some form of interaction happening when the dog is barking. So you need to interact with your dog before, during, and after the behavior repeats.

Bonus Tip

You must remember, the reason the dog is barking, may be it gets some form of interaction out of it.

That’s it

I hope these tips are going to help you with your bull terrier barking.

How do you correct your dog when it barks? Do you correct your dog when it barks? Do you know why your dog barks?