In this article, we’re going to cover all of the things that Jack Russell terriers despise. And the things that they hate. We will talk about eight specific things that drive them crazy.

The Jack Russell terrier is a typical terrier; lively, alert, active, fury, and intelligent. Read more: Jack Russell Terrier: Temperament

Let’s get started.

Don’t Stop Petting

The first thing that jack Russell terriers hate is when you stop petting them.

If you stop petting, they will lift their head. Move their nose underneath your hand just to get your attention again.

But if you start rubbing their belly or giving them a nice little rub. They are going to try and let you know that they want that to continue.

They have to have that constant hand movement. But if you’re petting them. Keep in mind that they are going to hate when you stop.

Don’t Like Strangers

This isn’t really something to worry about. But it is true or it’s true for most JRT. Jack Russell’s are pretty protective of the unknown at the property.

They don’t really like unwelcome visitors until they have warm-up to strangers. They don’t like people that they haven’t met.

They warm up and they’re very friendly to them after they do meet him. But you’re probably going to get some of that barking or growling when that situation occurs.

They protect their area. They are very good watchdogs

Don’t Like to Stay Away

This dog hates just being out of sight.

That doesn’t mean you can’t leave them home alone or crate them when you go to bed. It’s actually the opposite. I highly recommend it.

But overall when there is an activity in the household, they want to be a part of it. They don’t want to be put back behind a little baby dog gate.

If you restrict them for some reason, it drives them insane. They do their little whining to get back into the action and get your attention.

They hate whenever you do that but you got to just push through it. Because sometimes you need a break. Sometimes you need to run some errands.

They get used to it. It is not a big deal But they still hate it because the are very Active Dogs

Fighting For Your Attention

Jack russell t

The next thing that Jack Russell terriers hate is fighting for your attention. Typically what I mean by this is fighting with another animal like another dog.

Jack Russell terriers are dog-friendly but they definitely get jealous. They don’t want your attention diverted to the other dog.

Of course, they want to be the one receiving the belly rub or the head scratch or the ear scratch. But they don’t like fighting for attention but they certainly will.

But you can tell that whenever you start putting that attention towards another animal. They get a little bit jealous and they want to move in and take back over their kingdom. 

Do Not Like Slow

Another thing that I found that jack Russell terriers are not a big fan of is not having the ability to do things at 75 miles per hour. If they choose to go outside they want the ability to sprint around.

Jack Russells Have Extreme Energy. They want to run around and act a little bit crazy inside especially when they’re young.

I think the general consensus is a lot of this energy gets burned off. You know they calm down later in the day or as they get older.

This is a quick pace dog. But they can certainly relax with you. 

They want to move quickly. They want to be high-energy. They want to act a little bit crazy. It’s just how these dogs are.

It’s kind of how they behave and something you kind of have to prepare for. If you’re going to adopt.

Hate Cars or Car Rides

 The next things that I found that they hate are cars and car rides.

Now, this doesn’t apply to every JRT. But I found that it is common in the breed.

They act a little bit skittish even if the vehicle is a noticeable distance away from you. They always get whiny, acts like a little baby, and a little hesitant.

This behavior can be improved with continuous effort. Once JRT gets used to car rides, they love and enjoy it.

Tight on the Leash All the Time


If you haven’t been able to teach your Jack Russell really good leash manners. And how to be connected to you. They are focused on everything else in the world and are pulling.

Think about how frustrating it is to have tension on you all the time. So imagine you wanted to go see somebody over there. And we held you by the back of a shirt. It’s really the same thing.


Dogs are not primates. We human beings are primates. We are called a ventral to ventral species. We hug each other. Dogs don’t have to hug each other.

Hugging includes putting a hand over their neck. And Jack Russell like any other dogs don’t like something over their neck.

Have you ever watched the dogs in the dog park when they go to challenge another dog?

They put their head over the dog’s neck. It’s really bossy thing to a dog. And really assertive. It can cause some negative feelings.

Jack Rusell tolerates your hug because your dog loves you. But they certainly don’t love the hugging.